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Analytically driven consumer insight for better business decisions

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Advanced analytics, enabling research and insight agencies to deliver maximum impact from their data

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Helping you to meet your Big Data challenges head-on

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A world leader in segmentation…
900+ projects and counting!

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Robust research, cutting edge analysis, compelling insights, clear recommendations

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Welcome to Bonamy Finch

Bonamy Finch are specialists in delivering consumer insights through a combination of advanced analytics, data science and bespoke market research. We combine the latest industry thinking with compelling, in-depth analysis and commercially-minded communication. We support and collaborate with a wide variety of agencies and consultancies, as well as working directly with some of the world’s leading brands

What we do


We are world leaders in applying multivariate techniques to survey data.  We provide analytics services to research and insight agencies all over the globe.

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Working with you to translate your business issues into well-defined data projects that give maximum return on investment

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Taking a strategic approach to identifying the most profitable target market, optimising pricing and product portfolios and essential techniques for maintaining and growing brands

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Case Studies

Advanced Analytics

Understanding the appeal of a range of colours to maximise new product reach

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 Data Science

Diagnosing the decline in sports participation

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Consumer Research

 Helping a gardening manufacturer re-tool with segmentation

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  • “Bonamy Finch are practical people who are very easy to work with. They bring strong experience to the table in a forthright manner. Their communication is clear and to the point. On a recent project they delivered what I believe to be the best debrief I have ever received from a research agency.”
    John GlottrupDirector, Valcon Management Consultants
  • "We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your great work. It’s been a long journey so we really appreciate your patience, flexibility and great attitude along the way."
    Senior DirectorGlobal Consumer Understanding
  • “Bonamy Finch are true partners for our business. We have total trust that their technical solutions and advice are spot on. But what really sets them apart is their proactive input and guidance of what we really need (rather than just responding to requests), their ability to talk in layman’s language to us and our clients, and their timeliness. And they’re great people to work with!”
    Michael MartinDirector, Insight Inside
  • “Working with Bonamy Finch was excellent. The level of thinking, expertise and speed of implementation is some of the best I’ve come across. Our segmentation framework is simple and intuitive, providing both depth and simplicity needed at different levels of the business.”
    Ruth RohlfingSenior Consumer Insights Planner, Pernod Ricard Winemakers
  • “Bonamy Finch blend professional analytical thinking with commercially-relevant, impactful recommendations. Their segmentation programme and ongoing support have been invaluable to us to understand the end customer and how to reach out to them.”

    Sofia AxelssonVP Brand Management and Global Marketing, Husqvarna Group
  • “The team at Bonamy Finch embrace every analytical challenge with clarity of thought and creativity of approach. They understand how the analysis will be used, so can demystify the complex and make it as user-friendly as possible.”
    Marie SuttonDirector, Engage Research
  • "With Bonamy Finch’s recommended research approach and advanced analytics we were able to get a clear consumer response on a complex question. In an efficient and fast way, the team helped us get the consumer point of view when making an important strategic decision."
    Lisa RossSenior Manager Consumer Insights, Electrolux
  • “Bonamy Finch have played a key role in ensuring consumers remain at the heart of our decisions – by delivering compelling actionable insights, and supporting our teams with creative solutions and thinking.”
    Magnus GustafssonDirector – Global Consumer Insights, The Absolut Company
  • “Bonamy Finch is a partner we can count on for excellent statistical solutions, especially when the issue is tricky and complex. They are a pleasure to work with, with a ‘can-do’ attitude and no unnecessary stats jargon.”

    Reinhard KrethAssociate Director, Added Value

Latest Insight

Latest White Paper

Introducing SENS: Segmentation Evaluation Net Score

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know that we have run a lot of segmentations (over 600 in 40+ categories at the last count). One thing that has always struck us as seriously remiss within segmentation is the absence of simple to interpret, meaningful statistical measures of whether or not a particular solution is any good. That is, something that we can communicate clearly and quickly to clients, and that will help them, you and us to choose between solution…

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Jargon Buster

At Bonamy Finch, we like to keep things as jargon-free as possible, but if you really want to know your canonical correlation from your latent-class segmentation, you can find all our techniques explained clearly in our advanced analytics jargon buster.

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SigTester App

How often have you been in a meeting where the age-old question “Is that number significant?” comes up? We have developed a mobile app to ensure that you always have answer at your fingertips.


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