Idea Screening and Evaluation

Idea Screening and Evaluation

Success of business account card strategy indebted to quantitative insights.


The Challenge

A global payment card company was looking to refresh the business account debit card market amongst small enterprises. It needed to gain an understanding of their payment behaviour and the appeal of a range of card propositions, to determine how to drive current spending and new customer acquisition.

The Solution

This project combined desk research and direct ad hoc consumer research. Bonamy Finch was appointed by the end client’s strategy consultants to design and manage a quantitative study of small business managers among both customers and prospects, about their business expenditure behaviours. We obtained feedback on the new debit card propositions, along with perceived future usage and fully analysed the data. We worked closely with the strategy consultants to communicate the findings and recommendations.

The Outcome

Fresh insight into small business expenditure and payments, together with specific proposition feedback, allowed the client to develop new positioning for its products and also to set priorities for growth opportunities.

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