TURF Analysis

TURF Analysis

Understanding the appeal of colourways to maximise new product reach


The Challenge

The client, a well-known mobile phone manufacturer, was looking to maximise the market reach of a new handset with a combination of different coloured fascias, but could only launch a limited number with a finite budget.

The Solution

We ran a TURF analysis to determine the optimum combination of colours within the number of product variations permitted by the budget. Our analysis was weighted by sales frequency and probability to purchase for greater accuracy. We calculated Shapley values to give a measure of the incremental appeal of each colour.

The Outcome

Our findings demonstrated that the two colours with the highest individual appeal would actually have the lowest reach of any combination if launched together. The colour that appealed to the fewest consumers would actually contribute significantly more to incremental reach if launched with a mainstream colour. The client followed our recommendation and achieved a more successful launch than the instinctive choice would have allowed.

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