Key Drivers Analysis

Key Drivers Analysis

Prioritising touch-points in the customer experience


The Challenge

The Department of Health commissioned Bonamy Finch to work with a leading global research agency to help develop a strategic segmentation spanning the public health domain. The solution had to be academically-driven, and was to be used to inform and implement public health initiatives.

The Solution

We collaborated on the development of a touch-point questionnaire. Consistent key drivers models were validated across different customer groups (lapsed, loyal, competitor). Kruskal’s Relative Importance Analysis was used to explore and quantify the impact of different service elements in driving retention, acquisition and endorsement. Clear quantification of the impact of different touch-points enabled us to prioritise actions for future service design. Benchmarks for different service elements were established through ‘What-if?’ scenario testing in our user-friendly simulator.

The Outcome

Targets were set to help reach desired levels of retention and acquisition. These have been integrated into ongoing customer experience tracking and progress is reviewed bi-annually.

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