An updated brand experience tracking programme to consistently measure performance and inform improvements

Tracking provides universal set of customer led performance indicators


Betsson provides services in multiple markets under a number of international and local brands. The Company had identified that improving customer experience was key to growth but existing BX tracking was returning large fluctuations across key metrics where market conditions would not support such shifts. Bonamy Finch was invited to review the existing approach and develop an improved and reliable tracking programme.



A quarterly customer survey with an analytical approach to sampling and correct representation of the multiple markets and brands in the portfolio. Bespoke reporting for key brands and markets tracks KPIs and utilises other company data sources to illuminate issues and inform solutions. Subsequent integration of the data set with the customer database provides additional opportunities for powerful analysis and customer understanding.



Now in its 4th year, our tracker delivers stable, credible performance measurement and insights. Betsson is able to identify pain points across brands and assign teams to solve issues.  Feedback from the study guides product development and user testing work by identifying focus areas. The program has been extended to new markets and brands as acquisitions have been made and also now incorporates regular ad hoc dips to benchmark performance against competitors.

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Great work on the NPS reporting (and beautiful visualization!). The analyses were well received within the company, and provided good insights for the teams to work and improve upon.


Christine Chou

Marketing Intelligence, Betsson Group



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Betsson Group logo
Chess piece illustrating the concept of Brand Management
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+44 (0)1932 808295


Coveham House, Downside Bridge Road, Cobham, Surrey,

KT11 3EP, United Kingdom

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